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#TarotTuesday- What’s in your cards? 🔮

Choose which card calls to you & let’s go!!!!!



This is how I do my #TarotTuesday’s on Patreon! Let me know if your card resonated with you and what you’re going through! As always, if you’re a member of my patreon, I will also pull a personalized card at your request, just for you!

This weeks deck: The Star Spinner Tarot

Cards of the week I pulled on my Facebook group.

The Chariot: The Chariot is a card of steady progression and clear goals. It represents healthy motivation, willpower, and practical application of wisdom. The Chariot represents certainty.

Calling the Storm: Too often we are encouraged to to see empowerment as something that happens only within, in our psychological space. We are not necessarily islands. We can borrow the power of the world around, the context, the environment, the expectations. We do not control the storm, we just call it. To call the storm, we need not fear it… and this is what will make us strong.

Oracle deck used: Dark Moon Oracle

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