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An {unexpected} new beginning ❤️‍🔥

Well, well, well, ANOTHER new beginning. This time was not by choice. A few months ago my first blog got flagged for spam of some sort. I don’t understand the notice I got, it said all kinds of weird stuff, but they won’t let me link my blog ANYWHERE on instagram. Not even written out in my stories. It’s so bizarre. I tried to connect Google Adsense to my blog right before it happened, so maybe that was the issue? I was also thinking it could be because I talk a lot about my mom’s m*rder and my grief? Maybe someone reported it? Really not sure, but I’m not gonna lie, it made me want to give up. 

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others and not to have imposter syndrome sometimes. I beat myself up for having deleted so much of my work so many times, and now I am starting over, not even wanting to bring my old posts because I’m afraid I’ll get flagged again. I said to myself a few times over the last week “I should just stop, nobody would even care!” and thought about how easy it would be to quit. But then I remembered that I’m doing this for me and because it brings me joy. And I know I’d be back anyhow, might as well just keep putting in the work. I love my small audience and even smaller patreon. 

My fiancee’ and I redid our bedroom and my little corner-office. I just adore my new space and hope it inspires lots and lots of creativity for me. I need to get back to writing on some kind of schedule. #CampNanoWriMo begins in April and I’m SO excited, I love joining these writing challenges. Are you going to participate? Comment and let me know! I’d love to follow other writers journeys!

Of course I’ll be blogging all throughout #CampNaNoWriMo, so expect lots of new content here and on my patreon.  I can’t wait! Lately I’ve been meaning to join lots of writing sprints and get my ass back in the chair, but something always stops me. 

One thing I’m struggling with and would really like to write more about is my current issues in my ‘self love journey’. My body just doesn’t look like it used to and I’m having a very hard time accepting myself and how I look. That’s been really hard after so many years of enjoying and appreciating my body. Well, more on that later. 

I hope you’ll enjoy my new blog, my 584938th attempt at keeping up with one for good. Cheers!

If you like my blog, please consider joining me on Patreon to see my exclusive blog posts. I hope to see you there! Thank you for reading. 


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