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Month: March 2023

  • #TarotTuesday- What’s in your cards? 🔮

    #TarotTuesday- What’s in your cards? 🔮

    This is how I do my #TarotTuesday’s on Patreon! Let me know if your card resonated with you and what you’re going through! As always, if you’re a member of my patreon, I will also pull a personalized card at your request, just for you!

  • An {unexpected} new beginning ❤️‍🔥

    An {unexpected} new beginning ❤️‍🔥

    Well, well, well, ANOTHER new beginning. This time was not by choice. A few months ago my first blog got flagged for spam of some sort. I don’t understand the notice I got, it said all kinds of weird stuff, but they won’t let me link my blog ANYWHERE on instagram. Not even written out…