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Month: February 2023

  • What healing means to me

    What healing means to me

    {cw: Violence mentioned} Someone asked me on my Ask Me Anything – talk to me Tuesday IG story what healing means to me. Such a good question, and it made me pause. I guess I haven’t spent too much time thinking about what it means to me.

  • Valentine’s Day Joy

    Valentine’s Day Joy

    I had the loveliest Valentine’s Day! For many years prior Valentine’s Day has been hard because it really makes me miss my mom. I can’t believe it’s been 16 Valentine’s Days without her. She used to always make it so special for me and buy me chocolate covered strawberries every year. Even though I was…

  • Full Moon Ritual

    Full Moon Ritual

    I love a good ol’ full moon! I plan on doing the most beautiful, life changing rituals each time one is coming, but a lot of the time it ends up like this for me: