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Month: December 2022

  • Merry & Bright

    Merry & Bright

    My girlfriend and I got a very small Christmas tree and displayed a picture of me and my mom right next to it. Christmas 1989, I think. Yes, I’ve talked a lot about my fancy holiday grief lately. It started pretty early this year. I did my best to sit with my grief and let…

  • Unexpected Tears

    Unexpected Tears

    My mom introduced this band to me. She bought the CD and played it for me in her honda civic. It must have been around 2003, three years before she died. She loved The Used, and because it came from my mom I thought “meh… whatever…”

  • 10 things that make me happy right now

    10 things that make me happy right now

    With the heavy holiday grief I’ve been blogging about recently, I thought it would be a nice change to do something fun and light hearted. The holidays are coming and you should totally buy yourself a little gift, or maybe these will be good for some family or friends. I LOVE STUFF and I am…